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These are the guidelines about Photovoltaic Component Purchase.
Please contact us after confirming the contents below.

Target product

  • Japanese domestic product (Must be in good condition and less than 15years)
  • Unused stock item, Unused old model’s product.
  • Minimum from 1solar pannel.

How to identify the product

Product purchase process

  • Send your request

    Fill out the Request Form.

  • Valuation

    We contact you after checking the Request form

  • Send or Pick up
  • Pay off

Purchase Price

  • Depending on the conditions, (i.e. type, model year…etc.), we estimate the value of the components by inspecting the machine. For further information, please contact us.
  • For a request, please attach the details of the component( i.e. manufacture’s name, product type, quantity…etc).  If you can provide a blue print, it may assist us.

Handing over

  • Please ask us about the removal service before dismounting.

Important concern

  • Identification Card required.
  • Our Business
  • New Market Entry Support
  • Sales transaction