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  • Manufacture (Panel, PCS…etc)→Planning・Proposal・Construction・Maintenance・Management Consultant
  • We promise to provide high quality service, at a low cost ,in a short time by our great corporate efforts and technical innovations. Our exceptional methods make it possible.
  • PGJ promotes economic growth and employment on global and regional levels.

Call for land acquisition.

We are looking for places to build a photovoltaic plants.
If you are interested in providing land usage and have a place that has not being used ( i.e. your property, roof top…etc), please contact us.
* From start to finish, we work on the project by ourselves. Therefore, all transactions and interactions are kept confidential.


Scale Mega solar power plant project site Land size: approx 16,500㎡
Buildable Land Empty lot, Urban desert, Agricultural land, Mountain Forest, Face of slope, House top, Exterior wall…etc

Subsequent to the preliminary meeting, we conduct a pre-survey, and quickly start on the project.
If you can attach a Geographical map, Cadastral data, and Land survey map to the e-mail, it will allow us to complete the project quickly.

Business process

  • 01Contact
  • 02Preliminary meeting
  • 03Prior inspection
  • 04Site examination
  • 05Project Proposal
  • 06Provisional agreement
  • 07Procedure of Application for Permission
  • 08Prime contract
  • 09Construction
  • 10Completion (Government Inspection・Certification)→Delivery
  • 11Start power generation · electricity sale
  • 12Earn revenue
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  • Sales transaction